Where to Use Portable Air Coolers?

There are many different scenarios where you would require evaporative cooling units installed and below we have provided a use case for the most common locations with a breakdown of the benefits of using portable air cooling units.

Air Cooling For Commercial Kitchens

Kitchens by their nature are warm places and should always have an extract fan / hood unit. A common issue for commercial kitchens in places like hotels, schools, restaurants, army barracks, and canteens is that while they may have a extract unit they do not supply a air system to feed this extract unit.

Also kitchens which have an air supply system never have a cooling unit attached due to cost constraints and this becomes a major problem during warm summers where the air temperature rises above 21C which causes serious issues for both staff and machinery.

All of our coolers can cool air at a fraction of the cost of refrigerated cooling.

Ideally commercial kitchens should have at least 20/25 air changes per hour to deal with any heat issues. L x B x H of kitchen x no. of air changes. Well ventilated kitchens prevent draughts from an extract fan pulling air from main dining area.

A cool working environment leads to more content staff and less breaks for relief from heat, plus you will not put your expensive equipment or machinery under any additional pressure fighting over heating.

Air Cooling For Bakeries

Another common scenario where a business would require air cooling would be bakeries. By their nature they are always warm during the summer and rarely have an adequate ventilation system.

These high temperatures can multiple problems with getting products to set/cool in preparation for packaging as well as a very uncomfortable working environment for staff.

Using evaporative cooling is the most cost effective and efficient way to cool this type of workplace.

In most instances basic roof mounted air coolers do the job with minimal fuss with simple internal air diffusion. 

By positively pressurising a bakery it is less likely that dust and other foreign material can enter the building.

The incoming air can be filtered to whatever degree is required.

Industrial And Manufacturing Air Cooling

Some industries very often have localised warm spots which cause problems and this is where our range of portable air cooling units are perfect. They can be rolled in and up and running straight away. During the warmer months as temperatures rise this problem only gets worse.

We provide rental air cooling units to many companies in Ireland to help with this exact problem. This range can be installed in every scenario from large industrial units to small portable air cooling units for shops and cafes.

Evaporative cooling is easily installed to cool a small section of the area without the expense of doing all the building which would be required for an effective refrigerated system and many work areas will get relief from the moist cool air that is introduced.

Portable Air Coolers

Many offices have problems with air quality/heat particularly in the summer. The trend to have large exterior glass walls on office blocks only makes this worse as it acts a bit like a greenhouse when the sun is out.

Many offices also suffer from low humidity caused by heat/lights /computers/printers etc and it is not uncommon to get a humidity level as low as 25% in the summer.

This causes dry lips, throats etc in staff and can make working cooling very uncomfortable for all involved plus the high temperatures help the spread of germs and other pathogens in the air.

Using an evaporative cooling system can both cool and increase humidity at same time and in general, offices should have a capacity of up to seven air changes per hour.

We have multiple options available to cool your office environment from fixed and portable air cooling units that can be installed by our professional team and set automatically to keep your office and working environment set at the perfect temperature 24/7.

Data Centre & Computer Room Air Cooling

Data centres and computer rooms have to be kept cool all of the time because excessive heat will cause systems to overheat and shut down.

Often conventional refrigerated air cooling does this work and operated twenty-four hours per day seven days per week and the cost of a conventional air con system is very high. It’s very expensive.

An evaporative cooling system does the same job, but up to six times cheaper to run and in many instances when an evaporative cooling system is installed to replace a conventional system there is a return on investment in 12 to 18 months.

We supply standby rental units to many offices for this very purpose as in the event of an air-con failure they can simply turn on the portable units and very quickly cool the operating temperature of the server or computer room back to within working thresholds. Specialised coolers are required for computer rooms.

The minimal cost of this service gives great peace of mind to information technology managers and facilities managers because it is far cheaper than an office full of staff that cannot work because all of their systems are offline.

We can deliver a portable cooling unit to your office and once access is available can have it up and running in no time getting you back online to do your work.

Feature Product: The Breezair 120

The 120m2 evaporative air cooling unit is a freestanding cooler and can direct cool air in localised areas with the assistance of an adjustable fan speed controller.

The unit operates by a totally natural process of evaporation without the use of refrigerants. The air is cooled by passing over a large wet filter pad with the production of no harmful products – just cool fresh air.

Installation takes minutes and the unit cools an area up to 120m2. The unit holds a maximum of 100litres, which requires topping up as and when required.

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