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Intelligent Cooling Solutions have over 20 years experience in delivering full mechanical services to the industrial and commercial sectors throughout Ireland.

We are specialist installers of evaporative cooling solutions which provide a real alternative to the use of conventional refrigerated systems.


Evaporative Cooling

Cool large quantities of air in the summer at a low cost,


Trusted installation team with many happy customers.


We service and repair all makes of air conditioning units.

Just some of our happy customers.

Brian O’ Keeffe

Canal Court Hotel, Newry, Co Down

We installed evaporative cooling in our hotel some years ago to alleviate and ventilate our kitchen.

With the ability of the system to cool large quantities of air in the summer at a low cost, it has proved its worth. The kitchen is now well ventilated throughout the year thus ensuring good working conditions.

The low running costs and low maintenance costs are an added advantage. It is an ideal solution for commercial kitchens.

Al Lawless

Automatic Plastics

We had suffered from excess heat in our production floor with temperatures in the high twenties Centigrade. Three years ago we decided to install four large evaporative coolers to ventilate the factory and cool it in the summer period.

The system has operated very well with few problems and had ensured good working conditions within the production area particularly during the summer period.

I would recommend Evaporative Cooling as a solution in any similar environment.

Pat Reynolds

Energy Manager

Musgraves Operating Partners Ireland

We installed three roof mounted evaporative coolers five years ago to cool and ventilate our Support Office in Lucan. The system provides 100% fresh air at variable speeds into the office areas and also provides cooling during the summer period.

The result has been a consistent and comfortable working environment for our employees. Evaporative Cooling was chosen over conventional air conditioning because of the lower capital and running costs, which are one sixth that of standard air conditioning.

Two years ago we needed to improve the cooling in our data centre. We choose a CREC (Computer Room Evaporative Cooling) system provided by JL Intelligent Cooling Solutions. We removed six legacy duty/standby air conditioning systems with a duty of 70KW cooling.

They were installed at various times, and I replaced them with one roof mounted Evaporative Cooling System. Temperatures within the Data Centre were maintained at the required level and at a running cost one tenth of the air conditioning removed. We had a return on investment in eighteen months as a result of energy savings.

I would recommend evaporative cooling as a sustainable solution to cooling requirements in office and computer room environments.

We are the main agents for the Coolea range of evaporative coolers.  We also design and install Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Air Handling systems and work in the food processing, office, retail, leisure and manufacturing sectors.

We also have expertise in the ventilation requirements for schools, hospitals, airports etc and we can provide a full integrated service including electrical and plumbing.

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