Multi Cool Plus

The Multi Cool Plus is a portable and powerful air cooling system which has been designed to cool large areas up to 50 square metres in size and can be used straight from the box. The Multi Cool Plus generates a consistent flow of cold air through the process of evaporation, which not like typical air conditioners doesn’t require the need for venting or to be installed by a specialist.

The Multi Cool plus air cooler is ideal for use in any well-ventilated rooms and boasts a very powerful air throw for cooling commercial spaces.

These spaces may include:





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Product Dimensions:

Area Covered 119m3
Fan Blade Diameter 457 mm/18 in
Air Throw 45 ft
Product Weight 14.5 kg
Product Dimensions – (l x w x h) 660 x 495 x 1090 mm
Power 185 W
Speed Control 3
Noise Level 24 db(A)


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