Coolea Adiabox WF30000

The Coolea Adiabox cooler is an efficient and effective evaporative cooler that supplies large quantities of cool air into any given environment. The Coolea Adiabox is cost-effective and a cooler about 1 meter cubed in dimension can deliver over 25,000 cubic meters of cool air per hour.

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External / internal dimensions

1250 X 1250 X 1246 mm / 770 X 770 mm


Injected Polypropylene with UV treatment, Stainless steel fastening

Water supply  

1/2″ male

Electrical supply  

3 X 400 V (2,5mm²)

Air connection  

770  X 770 mm


Empty: 125 kg,  in operation : 180 kg

 Sound pressure level

Fan at nominal speed,  Lp(A) : 78 dB(A) at 1m


Munters Celdek 5090 10cm thickness, 85%  minimum efficiency   Power input  3000 Watts

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