Coolea Adiabox NFG 12,000

Adiabox NFG 12,000 is an evaporative cooler with no fan.

Furthermore, the Adiabox NFG offers the most economic and best value cooling solution available in Ireland.

Some product features include:

  • Reduced water consumption
  • Greatly reduced power consumption compared to other air coolers
  • Few moving parts meaning that it is less susceptible to breakdown   


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Some of the advantages of the Coolea Adiabox include:

The outside temperature has no bearing on the performance of the cooler

Product features include:

Technical Characteristics

Material :

Aluminum (structure + hardware)


MUNTERS CELDEK® 5090, thickness: 100 mm / Heat exchanger protection: mosquito net (optional)

Power supply

230 VAC

Electrical connection :

3G (1.5 mm²)

Water supply :

1/2 “female to screw

Drain connection:

DN32 male to screw

Arrival in water:

Protection: 0.5 mm integrated strainer / solenoid valve: 1/2 “brass

Solenoid valve draining:

Polypropylene body, piston closure

Air filtration (optional)


Each unit is equipped with a regulator (see commercial download documentation)

Intelligent Water Management:

4 floats communicate to the remote display
the possible anomalies. The floats continuously measure the amount of water evaporated, which allows the automatic triggering of deconcentration cycles in minerals
(the frequency of the cycles is determined according to the quality of the water). water and is adjusted during commissioning).

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