Coolea Adiabox NFG 1,000

The Coolea Adiabox NFG range of cooling units is designed to provide cooling solutions to any existing air handling unit or to an existing air supply fan. They operate on 100% fresh air and are easily attached to the air handling unit and operate independently using its own digital controller. The unit can be controlled using thermostats and humidistats or it can be incorporated into an existing BMS system.  The Adiabox NFG unit can be incorporated into the fresh air cycle or the return air cycle of any air handling system.

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The benefits of the NFG over conventional refrigerated chillers are twofold:

  1. The cost of installing an Adiabox NFG to a 30,000 cu meters of air per hour air handling unit is less than 40% that of installing a conventional chiller system.
  2. The running cost will be at least one sixth that of a conventional refrigerated system.  The Adiabox NFG has a low carbon footprint.


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