symphony air conditionersWhen the weather starts to warm up office and working spaces also tend to warm up and get uncomfortable for employees. The quickest most cost-effective way to deal with this problem is a portable air cooler. These air cooling units will quickly cool the air and can also act as a humidifier to provide a clean cool working environment.

One of the main advantages of portable air cooling units is that the results are immediate. It’s just a case of wheeling in a portable unit and plugging it in. The unit instantly starts to cool the warm air, exhausting it and in return provides a steady flow of clean cool air exactly when and where you need it.

Portable Air Cooling Rental

Because we have a rental system in place for all our cooling units you can simply call us up and one of the team will deliver the unit straight out to the problem area. Rental can be per day / week or for longer extended periods of warmer weather.

We also have a purchase option if you prefer to invest long term. Compact and portable the unit can simply be wheeled away into storage once the warmer weather abides and the office or working environment starts to cool down naturally.

Nobody likes working in a warm humid and stuffy environment as it is a huge distraction for employees and impacts performance and the wellbeing of everybody. A portable air cooling unit quickly fixes these issues and boosts morale and the health and wellbeing of staff. All units have a variable thermometer so you can adjust the temperature to suit.

The Main advantages of Portable Air Cooling Units


A portable unit is far more cost-effective than a fully integrated expensive air cooling system. Because it is portable you can also move it around to provide the efficient use of its cooling power – something that cannot be done with a fixed unit. Because of the compact nature of these devices they are much easier to service and repair – also a major cost saving over the life of their use.

Temporary Installation

One instance where you get immediate benefits from portable cooling units is if you are renting an office space or business premises and do not want to hand over a large amount of money to install fixed units. Our rental units work great for these types of applications because you simply order a unit, we drop it off and set it up and you get the immediate benefits of cool clean air into your working environment. Once you out grow or decide to move on to a new location we come back and collect the unit.

Ease of Installation

With traditional fixed air cooling there is a large expense before you ever feel the benefits of cool clean filtered air. These fixed units are permanent and require regular servicing and maintenance to keep them in good working order. With our portable units its just a case of ordering one (either purchase or flexible rental) and we wheel it in and get you up and running straight away.

Emergency Backup

If you already have fixed air conditioning units in place but suffer from a fault in the system then a portable unit is an ideal emergency solution. We provide standby inits from offices, bakeries, kitchens and also larger data centre installation where cool air is essential for the smooth running of all equipment. A quick phone call and you are up and running almost immediately.


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