evaporative air conditioningEvaporative Air Cooling is the cooling of air by the evaporation of water. When water evaporates into the air to be cooled, simultaneously humidifying it, it is called direct evaporative cooling.

Applications of Evaporative Cooling

The application and uses of evaporative air cooling are vast, from simple installations for small business which provides comfort and relief from the warm summer days, achieving comfortable conditions for workers to relieve stress and keeping equipment cool so that they operate efficiently in hot conditions. Evaporative Cooling can also be used to keep products cool.

Evaporative Air Cooling can be successfully applied to an enormous amount of applications not mentioned and in many cases can be the only effective and economic solution to acceptable comfort cooling. Typical areas where evaporative cooling is effective include:

  • Cooling factory floor
  • Cooling bakeries
  • Cooling commercial kitchens
  • Cooling food production areas
  • Warehouse Cooling for Pharmaceuticals
  • Cooling computer rooms/ data centres
  • Gymnasiums

The advantages of Evaporative Air Cooling include:

  • Low capital costs (3 to 4 times less than conventional refrigerated air conditioners) [in most instances] 
  • Low installation cost
  • Low operating costs ( 4 to 6 times less than conventional refrigerated air conditioning)
  • Uses 100% fresh outside air-continually
  • Filters out dust, dirt and foreign matter
  • Slightly pressurises the space being cooled thus preventing infiltration of dust through doors, windows and ventilators.
  • Ideal for use in large buildings where running costs for refrigerated systems is prohibitive.
  • Flow through principles of Evaporative Air Cooling units forces out smoke fumes, odours and carbon dioxide thus creating a healthier environment.
  • Can be installed in new or existing buildings
  • Cooling efficiency becomes better as the wet bulb depression (dry bulb – wet bulb temperature) increases in comparison to refrigerated types where capacities decrease.
  • Maintenance is simple and low cost.


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